Step 1: Setup

Before you can change the profile name, you first need to change the save format so that it can be read once decrypted.  Go to ETS2 or ATS documents folder (C:Users[Your username]DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2) or (C:Users[Your username]DocumentsAmerican Truck Simulator) and open the config.cfg with notepad.


Once you've opened it, press Ctrl + F and search for g_save_format and change the value besides it to "2", as seen below.



Now start up your game, sign into your desired profile, and then quit the game, so that the profile is now in a format you can read once decrypted.


The profile name tool requires java, download it before proceeding further in the guide.


Step 2: Copy your profile folder

For this step find your profile folder by entering the profile folder in ETS2/ATS my documents folder, and then search for the latest modified folder, this is the profile just you just entered.  You could also use the tool mentioned below to find your profile, just input the name of the profile (case sensitive) and it will show you the folder name for the profile.  Now copy and paste this folder inside, there should be a folder with "- Copy" appended to the end of the folder's name.  This name won't matter in a second, as it needs to be renamed to show up in game.


Step 3: Rename the copied folder

For this step, use this tool I created to get the name of the folder to match the new name for the profile.  This tool is simple to use: extract the zip anywhere, open textcov.jar, put in the new profile file name (case sensitive,) copy the string in profile folder name and rename the copied folder to it.




Step 4: Change the profile name in profile.sii

For this step, you will need to download the save decrypter which can be downloaded here.


Once you downloaded this tool, extract the contents into the profile folder that was just renamed.  Now drag profile.sii into sii_decrpyt.exe, a text box should quickly pop up then disappear.  Now open profile.sii and search for "profile_name:" without quotes.  You should see the old profile name after the :, replace this with the new profile name (case sensitive) and save this file.


Step 5:Finished

If you finish this guide, you should now be able to see a profile with the new name once you start up ETS2/ATS.  Note that all save files will be missing preview images as a side effect but everything else works.


Feel free to say if anything is unclear or to translate this guide.  The tool is also translatable easily, if needed.