Trailer Skins

  • ETS2 Fridge Trailer Pack 1.30
  • Grinder   |   283   |   2018.07.07 19:38

Not working in 1.32(only seen in traffic!)

High Glossy Body, Trailer Lift Axle, Advanced Coupling


skin_1530339755.jpg skin_1530339755(1).jpg skin_1530339755(2).jpg skin_1530339756.jpg

skin_1530339773.jpg skin_1530339773(1).jpg skin_1530339773(2).jpg skin_1530339774.jpg

skin_1530339786.jpg skin_1530339786(1).jpg skin_1530339786(2).jpg skin_1530339786(3).jpg

skin_1530339798.jpg skin_1530339798(1).jpg skin_1530339798(2).jpg skin_1530339799.jpg

skin_1530339815.jpg skin_1530339815(1).jpg skin_1530339815(2).jpg skin_1530339815(3).jpg

skin_1530339825.jpg skin_1530339825(1).jpg skin_1530339825(2).jpg skin_1530339826.jpg

Caterpillar, Harley Davidson, Monster Energy Drink, Rockstar Energy Drink, Liqui Moly, Ducati

Randor Luriak | 2018.07.07 23:35

So this is the complete pack of your Fridge Trailers in one file? Do i still need the France-Italy AddonFiles from you or is this all in this package?

Grinder | 2018.07.07 23:44

Yes. this is full package of Fridge trailers,

Italian-France is also included.

Randor Luriak | 2018.07.07 23:42

Has done it, found out - but i cant delete or edit my post.

Grinder | 2018.07.08 00:01

and, for Italy and France, not entire trailers are included though, but you can switch trailers into your favorite one.


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